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 Rooting Every Spreadtrum SC6820/SC8810 phones

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Rooting Every Spreadtrum SC6820/SC8810 phones Empty
PostSubject: Rooting Every Spreadtrum SC6820/SC8810 phones   Rooting Every Spreadtrum SC6820/SC8810 phones Icon_minitimeMon Feb 10, 2014 1:09 am

Why rooting it ?

Because a lot of them come with a lot of sh*tty softwares, including the bad launcher and keyboard.
Because they can come with a "Virus" that can send SMS messages to china (so you have to pay for unwanted international SMS cost)
I myself have this Virus on one of my phones, as of now, I haven't noticed anything unusual. Just the useless, unkillable process eating 15 MB of RAM doing nothing. (It is a significant waste of ram on such devices)
(As of now I only seen this malware on Feiteng devices - You can share your experience with this thing down bellow)

More about CAIVS here:

How-to do that ?!

If you are lucky you will be able to root your phone by traditional means.
If you are not, you can root them by manually adding the root utilities to the ROM.

I will describe every methods that you should try in order of difficulty and risks.

Before doing any of that, go to the android setting -> applications -> Development -> Check USB Debugging.

Universal Root utilities

None of them work on all Spreadtrum devices. But as they can work, please try them !

Try X-ray maybe:

If some warning comes up, you have a security hole, so you can root your phone easily.
If you have none, you will have to use Fastboot or ResearchDownload !

1.1 - Z4Root

Just try z4root !

z4root is a little tool to root Android 2.2 and sometime work on 2.3
It's known to work on devices with the fake Android 4.0.3 and MocorDroid 2.2.2
It may work on more of them, just try, there is no risks at all.

Make sure you have at least 50 MB of available space on the /data partition before trying this. (not the SDCard, the Applications Space)

Try a temporary root to see if it works, then you can do the permanent root.

You will maybe have to try it 2 or 3 times before it works.

Even if it doesn't work, reboot the phone after this. Because it can eat your battery while running in the backgroung if it fails.

1.2 - UnLockRoot

Try using unlockroot:

It's known to work on some MocorDroids (2.2.2 (Fake 4.0.3) 2.3.5 and 2.3.6)

To make unlockroot work, you may have to install the adb drivers for Spreadtrum first.

You also have to install the phone drivers if you are using Windows:

ADB Drivers:

Debug Drivers:


Then you will have to tell adb what phone to use.

Using fastboot to load CWM (Clockwork Mod)

CWM work on some of theses Spreadtrum devices, most of the time, the screen is reversed, but it works !
On some phone, you will be presented with a blank screen, but CWM will work ... That will just be very difficult to navigate ... (don't bother and use another method if you append to be in this boat)

Here are the recovery images available for Spreadtrum device to my knowledge:

* - extracted from a random SC6820 that I don't remember
* - i9270+
* - 5830, S5830, Q5830, Q206 and GT-N9300 (maybe more)
* - S9300 (SC6820A S3 Clone)
* - Feiteng GT-A7100 and probably more Feiteng devices.
* - 6500-TV or S560
* - N9300 (I9300 Clone)
* - S930 or N8820

If your device is not listed or the one for your device doesn't work, try them all, even if your phone is SC6820 and the recovery was made for SC8810, if none are working, we will have to flash the entire system partition, which is a lot more difficult and dangerous ...
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Rooting Every Spreadtrum SC6820/SC8810 phones

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